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"What's that?" Bee slide his puffy lips over to the side in confusion over the sudden appearance of denim on his brother's futon. The sixteen year old stuffed his tiny hand in the gummy worm bowl, he let it swim in the confines of the glassware for a little while before retrieving two green ones, tying them together, and offering them to Steve. Bee hoped Steve would treat Bee's generosity with the gummy worms as incentive to inform him about pants.

"It's a pair of jeans." Daniel scratched his bushy locks, gesturing towards the skinny jeans with his free hand for emphasis of the new identify of the former unknown substance.

"Obviously," Bee leaned back and let his slender body create a mold in the ancient couch, crossing his arms protectively over his oversized gray hoodie borrowed from Steve that acted as a ninety percent cotton body double for his Sunshine bear T-shirt, "I meant to ask what's it doing here." Irritation flooded Bee's peppy voice as he squirmed in his seat unable to get comfortable when Daniel was undressing him with his eyes. He tightly crossed his legs in a failed attempt to draw the Hebraic teen's attention elsewhere.

"These pants," Steve cleared the remainder of smoke away from his lungs that had been attached since last week when he found the pants "Are magical."

"Are you puffing the magic dragon?" Bee leaned forward to inspect Steve's pupils.

"Holy hip huggers Batman! Can you please elaborate on the semantics of the mystically powers these pants possess? Is there, like, pixie dust hidden in the elastic waist band?" Daniel played the part of a philosopher; he needed to know whether or not the jeans were legit and if the pockets possibly with held the information he needed in order to win Bee's undying love.

"Oh god, it's like somebody shoved a dictionary down your throat." Connor swooned, letting his compliment act as an opportunity as he positioned his ginger head in Daniel's lap. The Hebraic teen was certainly packing and there was defiantly something else that as nine and a half in his basement.

"It was probably me." Bee grumbled under his breath, thinking back to last weekend when Daniel had 'snuck' up on him while he was changing and the only weapon available to defend his chastity was of the Webster's variety.

Steve ignored his brothers wavering opinion of Daniel in favor of continuing his earlier statement, "This pair of pants." He held the jeans over his beanie covered head for the same dramatic effect the lion king held "Will fit all of us."

"How is that ever possible?" Connor got ready to poke a hole in Steve's logic that was only backed up by a blunt, "I'm only nine and a half years old! And Bee's been getting kind of chubby, there's no one he'd fit into those. It's safe to say he's losing his boyish charm. So sad. But hey on the Brightside that won't happen to me until six and a half years because I'm nine and a half years old." Connor winked at Daniel to remind him that once his silly eight year fixation with his brother ended he would still be around and rip for the picking.

"Copper, that is a horrible thing to say! Your brother is a beautiful creature equipped with many masculine wilds." Daniel scolded Connor, flashing Bee his best set of bed room eyes he could manage through the glare in his glasses.

"Too many masculine wilds if you ask me. Like I said, he couldn't even fit in the pants." Connor sat up from the safe heaven that was Daniel's crotch in order to properly provide the venom that would seep and wreak havoc in his older brother's self esteem.

"Stop the hating, little bro." Steve put in, "These here are magic pants, everyone can fit into them."

"Everyone except Bee!" Connor stuck his tongue out.

Bee responded to his little brother's criticism the same way he responded to all criticism-He stood up, moved closer to his offender and took his pants off. "Gimme the pants." Bee commanded, clad in nothing south of the border but his lacy Care bear panties. Bee shimmed in the pants with the ease only a starving child in Africa could acquire before he buttoned them, "ha!"

"Do you think that I could, maybe, try those on? You know if we're really testing the magically mechanics of these pants we should all wear the same underwear. So Bee, can I wear your panties?" Daniel stammered, the mental image of Bee wearing lacy pink satin panties would, thankfully, be forever imprinted in his subconscious. But he was in risk of becoming addicted, now that he saw the panties-he had to have them. All high quality people need to be the proud owners of a pair of satin lacy pink panties originally owned by the object of their affection. It was like, the law.
A high quality elastic waste band makes every pair of pants pretty darn magical.
Written by: Sunshine :iconkit-kat-tik-tak:
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