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High Quality Quirks

Hunter Cox
• Always carries around a 2 liter soda wherever he goes.
Different flavor soda for every day of the week
Lifts soda instead of weights in PE
• Works at the comic book store, Graphic Manhood.
• Always wears flannel shirts over t-shirt of the witty variety.
• He's colorblind, but refers to it as a "color disability"
• Aims to be a Librarian when he grows up, and considers his current job as training for the big leagues.
• Treats Bee's pictures as his own personal trading cards.
• Always Calls people Pokémon names("Steve"= "Steevee")

Bee Kennedy
• Makes his baked goods out of the box, but says they are homemade.
• Always points out Hunter's "color disability."
• Works at Build-a-bear Workshop.
• Never curses(Substitutes bad names for Dingle Hoppers)
• Super cute, but believes he is scary(further illustrated by his peculiar threats).
• Care Bear addict
• Uses Care Bear references when trying to prove that he does not have an addiction.
• Compares everything to Disney.
• Always says "Not Even."
• Always skips swim practice to sharpen his skeeball skills
• Childishly cute
• Loves Jesse McCartney with the burning passion of a thousand suns.
• Blames his dyslexia on Daniel because whenever they were reading together, and  Daniel said a word that Bee didn't understand he thought Daniel was chanting black magic curses that would disable him from spelling correctly in the near future.
• Afraid of the dark after a past experience where the tooth fairy tried to steal his beloved sunshine bear that happened to be propped near his pillow. Now he sleeps with the light on in order to keep track of that sneaky bitch.
• Always sleeps in footie pajamas.

Steve Kennedy
• Avid puffer of the magic dragon
• Currently a "sorcerer" with Hunter in the SSS(Secret Stoner Society).
• Must incorporate the word "bro" in all conversations no matter the topic.
• Love all Marvel comics except Captain America because thinks that he is the Uncle Sam of the comic book world, and does not want to be recruited due to his fear of being in the military.
• Out of boredom, and to spice up his home life, he eats gummy bears in abundance in front of Bee.
• Always east tacos, and is an avid customer at Taco Bell. So much so that he has so many punch cards, that he made a collage of them on his bedroom door.
• Joined the purity club because he finds it amusing, He isn't a virgin, so he feels like he is going against the man. That's how he met Cherri Cherry.
• Owns a knapsack.
• Sleeps like Finn from Adventure Time(Burrito, or as he likes to call it "blunt", style.)
• Always wears Ponchos and Sombreros to Taco Bell(Except for the special occasion, Taco Tuesday, in which he whips out the maracas.)
• David Bowie

Connor "Copper" Kennedy
• Thinks Hunter loves Bee, so he takes inappropriate pictures of Bee while he is undressing to give Hunter.
• Takes what he thinks are "deep and emotional" photos, but are actually just pictures of trash cans and random black ladies he comes across on the street.
• Thinks Hunter is an alien because he always calls people Pokémon and Copper doesn't know what those are.
• Always wears tinfoil hats to sleep when Hunter is around.
• He is a ginger(Wears a trucker's hat to cover it up because he believes it is the cause of his emotional pain.)
• Writes cheesy poems.
• Thinks he has an artistic soul.
• Loves Daniel because he made him Mac 'n' Cheese as a small child, and Copper thought it was the best thing ever.
• Always comprehends everything that Daniel does as a symbol of his love.
• Favorite show is Full House, and he always quotes it inappropriately.
• Always wears band-aids to gain sympathy from those around him.

Daniel Calloway
• Obsessed with Bee ever since he was his second grade reading buddy and Bee bestowed upon his a sticker of Lilo and Stitch drinking root beer.
• Ate a gummy bear in front of Bee, causing Bee to form a newfound hate for Daniel, then went to Hebrew school for 6 years.
• Always uses hand motions when he talks.
• Has a huge Robin fetish.
• Memorizes every Jesse McCartney songs in hopes of singing them one day with Bee in a musical number.
• Tone deaf, but believes he is an amazing singer.
• Knows a bunch of irrelevant facts.
• Straight Laced(coughSTRAIGHTEDGEcough).
• Loves DC comics.
• Can only cook Mac 'n' Cheese(but he does it like a BOSS.)
• He's a Jew that gets offended easily when it comes to religious jokes.
• Always wears ties as a belt just because.
• Has a Lilo and Stitch addiction ever since he purchased every piece of Lilo and Stitch merchandise after he received the sticker from Bee.

Christian the Jew
• Blunt and very obvious about everything.
• Writes about his deep emotional feelings to every night before he goes to sleep.
• Watches obscure youtube videos about cats.
• Likes the idea of cats, but hates them when they exist around him.
• Has an outtie belly button that makes him extremely self conscious to the point where he tries to duct tape it down.
• Extremely Jewish, but doesn't look it.
• A "poor Jew." Which just means that he is poor for a Jew, but rich for everybody else.
• Has a photographic memory, so he never has to study.
• Always writes to the Ask Abbey column about problems that he doesn't have but wants to know the solutions to just in case the problem happens to occur in the future(username: catsarethehaps247)
• Jump ropes during PE, and believes that he is the main character in Jump In, so he verbally bitch slaps all the girls with his black girl slang.
• He is a horrible speller, and when asked to spell just says the word in increments.

Kennedy Parents
• Owns an off brand version of Hogwarts for mentally unstable people that think they are wizards. The dad pretends to be Dumbledore, and the mom pretends to be Mrs.Magonagle. They send money to their children every month.

• Appear to have no personality whatsoever.
• Manages Build-a-bear workshop.
• Bee likes him because he once caught smiled at a little kid after giving him his limited edition bear.
High Quality thinking hats create everything.
Brainstorm session=complete.
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